30 questions

Everyday Life
-As a child of the proletariat class, what would I expect my education to be like?
-What are some everyday tasks I would have to perform for the family?
-what are some luxuries, if any, I enjoy?
-What kind of food do I enjoy?
-What kind of physical exercises do I partake in?
-What are some of the religious aspects of my life?
-What kind of social activities do I participate in?
-How common is death?
-How often does someone close to me die/get imprisoned/get exiled/go to war?
-Would I have to speak anything other than Latin in my day to day life?
-Where do I lie in the hierarchy of the family? (Do I proceed girl children?)
-What is expected of me as I mature into a man?
-How does my family make a living?
-What are some of the discipline techniques of my father?
-What does my father do for money?
-How can I provide monetary support for the family in any way?
-How close am I to my mother and father?
-Do we ever travel outside the city? Why?
-Where would I reside in the city?
-What kind of structure would I live in?
-Do I have authority over lower classes?
-At what age am I considered a legal man?
-Do I do anything to prepare for military life?
-What kind of taxing does my family experience?
General Background
-How did my family come to be in Aphrodisias?
-Which people may I have animosity towards?
-What’s my attitude toward the Roman government?
-What is the climate like?
-Are earthquakes a common occurrence?
-Am I literate?